Corporate History


Aquaknect Flexibles started making flexible connectors in Sydney in 1986.

From Sydney, Aquaknect moved to Grafton NSW, and from Grafton to Springwood, Queensland.


This was the beginning of Aquaknect’s endeavour to obtain the new Watermark Approval.

This resulted in the commencement of hydrostatic pressure testing of all braided hose, printing of ferrules for traceability and scrutinising of all purchased parts and components against official drawings and specifications.


Aquaknect moved into larger premises, doubling our manufacturing, and increasing factory staff.

Additional braiding machinery was purchased and installed. Aquaknect remains the only Australian company that braids flexible connectors for gas and water in Australia.


The company’s quality assurance program had been developed and implemented

Aquaknect became accredited to Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001 for quality.


Aquaknect Flexibles opened new warehouses

in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.


Chilled beam technology was first used in Australia at “The Bond” in Sydney.

Aquaknect worked closely with the Hydraulic consultant, developer and mechanical services installers to provide hoses suitable for this application. Since then Aquaknect has gone on to supply many projects using this HVAC technology.


Work with OEM manufacturers led to the development of hoses for specialist applications.

Aquaknect now works with equipment manufacturers both in Australia as well as Europe, the USA and China.


The first generation of coated hoses, Aquashield

Aquashield, for general use was released.


We were one of the first companies

to transition to the new Quality Assurance Standard, ISO 9001:2015.


Aquashield Mach II is successfully tested and added to Aquaknect’s WaterMark certificate.

This new version of the coated hose captures the coating beneath the ferrule for added security against corrosion issues.