General Installation


Thank you for purchasing an Aquaknect Flexible Connector. For best results, please give consideration to the following points when installing this product.

  1. The installer is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the installation.
  2. This product is not designed for use in inaccessible locations or below ground.
  3. Ensure that threads are clean and sealing surfaces are undamaged on both elements of the fitment.
  4. Ensure the stainless steel braid is not exposed to abrasion or corrosive substances.
  5. Refer to the hose label and tables on page four for the torque required to achieve an effective seal for each end fitting.
  6. Aquaknect Flexible Connectors are not designed to be subjected to tensile or compression stress, particularly in some configurations of expansion joints
  7. Do not twist, kink or stretch hose, and ensure it is not exposed to external stress.
  8. The operating temperature and working pressure ranges vary for each product. Compare the particulars of your installation with pressure and temperature tables to ensure suitability
  9. To avoid subjecting the hose to stresses it was not designed for, compare the particulars of your installation with the details on pages 2 and 3.


Use only for non coated copper tube. Push on connectors are NOT for use with gas installations.

  1. Ensure that the copper tube is the correct size, cut squarely and externally chamfer to remove any trace of burrs to prevent O-Ring damage.
  2. Ensure that the Push-On fitting is pushed up to the tube stop. Pull the fitting to check that it is held securely. Mains pressure test the system and check fitment.
  3. To remove the fitting: ensure system is de-pressurised; push Collet back against fitting face. With the Collet held in this position the fitting can then be removed from the copper tube.

1. Cut the tube straight. de-burr and chamfer the tube, so as to not damage the O-Ring on application

2. Important - push the tube through to the End-Stop to ensure the O-Ring seal

3. The Tube securely in position

4. Removal - After pressure has been removed, removal of the tube is effected by pressing in the Acetyl collet.