• STEP 1

    Use designated Code Number, selecting by flexible internal diameter, type of fitting and length required.

  • STEP 2

    If length not shown, always select next code up - DO NOT select lower code number example:
    Standard Length 15mm ID x 400 x ½ F/Cone x ½ F/Cone = Code Number WF0401
    Special Length 15mm ID x 450 x ½ F/Cone x ½ F/Cone=Code Number WF0401/450

  • STEP 3

    If fitting combination not shown, please contact Agent or Manufacturer for special pricing.

  • STEP 4

    Length overall (LOA) is the distance from fixed fitting to fixed fitting. The measurement is not taken from the face of the nuts, nor does it take into account any adaptors, which may be supplied with the product.

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