Certificate Number QEC 10196

Organisations that implement an effective Quality Management System benefit from stakeholder and customer confidence, improved risk management and operational effectiveness and efficiency. A Quality Management System is what ensures a business’ products or services meets a certain level of quality; that is, they are reliable, safe, consistent, meet customer expectations, continuously improve and comply with the law.


Certificate Number WMKA00105

The WaterMark Certification Scheme (WaterMark) is a mandatory certification scheme for plumbing and drainage materials and products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations.

In order to achieve certification, the material or product must:

  • be tested by a recognised testing laboratory;
  • comply with an approved specification (either an existing standard or WMTS);
  • be manufactured in accordance with an approved Quality Assurance Program; and
  • carry a warranty.

GAS CERTIFICATES – Certificate GSC20187 – SAI Global

Tested to AS4627 Quick-connect devices for gas.
This certificate covers Type 2 Quick Connect devices.

GAS CERTIFICATES – The Australian Gas Association

Certificate AGA 5508 G

  • Quick-Connect Device (Type 1) Male Gas Bayonet 7 kPa

Certificate AGA 5803 G

  • Quick Connect Device (Type 1) Model 13-020BF Floor/Wall Socket for bayonet connections 7 kPa

Certificate AGA 5919 G

  • PGH Series Hose Assemblies with Various End Fittings PGH 1000 – 6mm, PGH 2000 – 8mm & PGH 3000 – 10mm NB Class C
  • Hose/Regulator Combination Class A

Certificate AGA 6560 G

  • Hose and Regulator Assembly Model AQR-20 (Class A) 2.75 kPa

Certificate AGA 6661 G

  • LPG Single Stage Regulator Models AQCRH20 and AQCR-20 2 kg/h @ 2.8 kPa 1750 kPa

Certificate AGA 6891 G

  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose Assembly Class D GF1000 Series 8mm NB and GF2000 Series 10mm NB
  • Hose/Regulator Combination Class A GF3000 Series 12mm NB, GF4000 Series 15mm NB, GF5000 Series 20mm NB, GF6000 Series 26mm NB.

Certificate AGA 8314 G

  • Hose Assembly Models: FPT1600 to FPT1799 Class F

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a. Organoleptic and physical test
b. Toxic metals test
c. Cytotoxicity test
d. Microbiological growth test

All control samples gave satisfactory and valid results. The samples of this material have been found to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 4020 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water.


Tests were carried out to evaluate Plumb-Ezy Flexibles fitted to solar installations. The fluid being used is glycol-ethylene, which may reach a temperature of 100° Celsius, with peaks of up to 140° Celsius. Aging tests were carried out also in comparison with hot water at 100° Celsius.

Aquaknect Flexibles are perfectly suitable for use under these very stringent conditions of operation.


Noise reduction using flexibles.
1. Testing of a tap in a rigid circuit resulted in a reading of 57dB.
2. Testing of the same tap fitted with a flexible resulted in reading of 43dB.

Flexible hoses reduce water noise by approximately 14dB. Other tests carried out on larger diameter flexible hoses showed that the longer the flex the larger the noise reduction achieved. Water Hammer – Aquaknect stainless steel braided flexible connectors reduce water hammer or at the very least (dependent on the application) reduce the noise created by water hammer.

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