Product Advantages and Applications

Reliable, economical, practical & flexible

Our braided flexible connectors are carefully designed to provide the maximum performance possible for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Our flexible connectors are designed to convey fluid and gas from one point to another within a pressurised piping system and are also designed to withstand very high static or bursting pressure. When pressurised the tube liner expands. This expansion is limited by the stainless-steel braiding.

Another feature is that the braiding is external and not attached to the tube liner. This allows our flexible connectors to be very flexible yet have the ability to withstand very high static pressure. Because of the greater resilience, our flexible connectors have a greater ability to absorb hydro shock or water hammer.

The need for special tools such as welding equipment, crimpers and bending devices is eliminated. This reduces installation time and cost. Being flexible, the connectors can provide protection against water hammer, vibration and can be installed to correct misaligned connections.

  • Maximum Bursting Pressure

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Absorb hydro shock or water hammer

  • Quickest installation time

  • No special tools required

The advantages of Aquaknect Products

  • Water Hoses

  • Our range of flexible connectors for water consist of exceptionally formulated EPDM rubber tube liner complying in all aspects to AS/NZ 4020. Externally braided using 304 grade austenitic stainless steel with precision machined end fittings crimped in place using 304 grade austenitic stainless-steel ferrules. End fittings where in contact with water are available in dezincification resistant brass (DZR) or 316 stainless-steel. EPDM material can be used in environments where the temperature range is from -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to +248°F). The material has excellent flexibility and if kinked will return to original form.
  • Gas Hoses

  • These gas hoses have internal liners formulated not to support fire and have excellent resistance to ozone. The Class F range has one of the lowest rates of extractable matter available. This makes it an excellent choice for pigtails. Hoses for gas have a temperature range of -20°C to +125°C depending on the class. This makes them excellent for both internal and external use.
  • Protection

  • All hoses for gas and water can have an external coating applied. This helps to protect the braid from situations where mild corrosive elements may be stored.

    In recent times there have been reports of hoses bursting under kitchen sinks and bathroom cabinets. This has resulted in insurance claims that have reached thousands of dollars. Aquaknect uses a thicker braiding wire than most other connectors on the market. Together with an external coating this makes the hoses far more resistant to bursting.

    New to Aquaknect’s range is Aquashield Mach II. This product has a coating applied over the braid before assembly. Once the hose has the end fittings crimped the braid wire is totally sealed adding even further protection.

  • Food & Health

  • It is a requirement in many areas that all areas in food service or medical treatment facilities have a smooth surface free from crevices and cracks. This is to prevent the easy cleaning of the fittings as well as reduce areas where bacteria can be harboured.

    Aquaknect can apply a special coating to the outside of the hose using a heat shrink process. This coating creates a smooth surface outside the stainless steel braiding wires.


Water and Gas Flexible Connectors Typical Applications in the home

Flexible Gas Connectors
Water Heater
B Gas Heater
C Gas Burners
D Gas Oven
E Gas Barbeque
F Portable Gas Heater (bayonet one end)

Gas Flex
must only be used for gas applications
Water Flex
must only be used for water applications

Flexible Water/Air Connectors
Kitchen sink set
2 Wash basin set
3 Bath set
4 Spa bath set
5 Shower “kit sets”
6 Vanity unit/wash basin set
7 Toilet cistern
8 Bidset set
9 Wash tub set
10 Water heater set
11 Dish washer set
12 Washing machine set
13 Filtration and pumps for swimming pool sets
14 Air conditioning plant hot and cold water set
15 Solar heating installation set
16 Hot water radiator (hospital type) set
17 Base board heater (hot water) set

We can customise the flexible connectors to suit any application