Braided PEX

Hose Construction
  1. Inner tube PEX B (soft pex).
  2. 304 stainless steel braid
  3. End fittings.
  4. 304 stainless steel ferrules
  5. Crimping

Reliable, economical, practical & flexible. The Aquaknect PEX B braided flexible connectors are externally braided using 304 grade stainless-steel and have precision machined brass end fittings. The end fittings are crimped into place using 304 grade austenitic stainless-steel ferrules. The Aquaknect PEX B braided flexible connector is of high quality and strength for maximum flexibility, ease of connection and provide a reliable service.


Our braided PEX B flexible connectors consist of a special inner tube designed for use with potable water applications.


Available in 8mm diameter.

Available End Fittings