15MM 1500 WAT 3/4 F/F-3/4 M BSP

15MM 1500 WAT 3/4 F/F-3/4 M BSP


15MM 1500 WAT 3/4 F/F-3/4 M BSP

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Reliable, economical, practical & flexible. Aquaknect?s braided water connectors are externally braided using 304 grade stainless-steel and have precision machined brass end fittings. The end fittings are crimped into place using 304 grade austenitic stainless-steel ferrules. Aquaknect water connectors have an EPDM rubber tube for flexibility and is the best material for a very wide temperature range. The braiding wire is the thickest available 304 stainless steel in Australia for similar products. All materials have been tested and certified as suitable for drinking water to AS/NZS 4020. Aquaknect water connectors can be used for the connection of individual appliances such as basins, sinks and toilets in cold and hot water applications.

Larger diameters can be used to provide a solution for movement in certain installations.

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Dimensions 1500 mm


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